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I think what most people forget to think about a lot of times are all those poor people in third world countries, especially you know where, living day in and day out in fear.

I just found out I have this stupid, but very unconfortable medical condition. But you know what? Who cares. Why? Because there are people out there who were born without arms. Born without legs, born without a FACE even! There are far worse things in life.

When we have money problems, I think about the bums we pass on the Toronto streets each day. The poor men and women who either became homeless of their own fault, or other reasons. But they are eating garbage, and sleeping on the street....when I can hardly stand to take out the trash because its so cold, these people are sleeping in it.

When my boyfriend becomes a real pain in the ***, I stop, and think about all the wives getting the crap beaten out of them day in and day out. I sure am lucky that the only thing going wrong here is a forgotten chore or bill left unpaid by accident.

I just wanted to say to everyone, we all have crap. We all have things in life that suck. We all have times that we think are it. Its over. But, no matter HOW BAD things get, someone out there always has it far worse than you do. And they endure it.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! And I hope my post will make people feel better! It helps me to think of these things during bad times because I realize how easy I have it and how hard it could become, and is for someone else.

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