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April 05 - special event
the Port Credit Pets and ssnakess anniversary party

Hello folks many of you have asked about the party slated for the 5th. Please allow us to explain. The party was initiated to celebrate the fifteen years that Port Credit Pets has been in operation as well it was also scheduled to celebrate the anniversary. It is a party that will be licensed so there is only so much room allocated for a specific number of drinking aged individuals. The liquor permit has restrictions that are beyond our (Grant and Jeff's) control.

In short there was a set number of invitations for the ssnakess members and for the many friends of Port Credit Pets. Most of the invited people have been invited and there are a few left over invitations to be distributed. There is a live band playing from 8:30 pm and on and then the herpers will be taking the stage to have some jam fun.

If you would like to possibly attend please email me asap and I can attempt to put your name on the door list. An invitation must be present to enter the room as I am sure the door person will explain if anyone is so silly to try and gain entrance without an invite LOL. Sorry for the hard line folks, Jeff and I would love to be able to hold an open door policy but our hands are tied thanks to the liability risk and the liquor boards restrictions, this year it has to be limited.

It will be a great event and we can only tell you that those that are attending will take lots of pics to share with everyone the next day. Jeff and I are also going to try our best to get a pic of shane and the brass rail for everyone.

Thanks for your understanding
Grant and Jeff
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