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Hey, you know what they say - when life gives you lemons, just shut up and eat the damn lemons!

How am I doing? Well:

- I hurt my back at work and no one seems to be taking my injury seriously

- I have a bad stomach ulcer, which is making it hard for me to eat anything

- I have $30 to live on for the rest of the month

- I work three nights a week (12 hour shifts) and go to college full time, so three nights a week I just don't sleep

- my fiance's car is about to crap out, and we can't afford a new one

- I recently found out I can never have children

- the BP I'm trying to sell doesn't seem to interest anyone, and I badly need the money

- my fiance has pretty much told me "no more snakes" so I screamed him into the ground last night 'cause it's my GD money, so now we're not speaking

- I'm failing my math class

- I've been having wicked bad nightmares and am unable to sleep (just what I need, even *less* sleep)

- My kidney is badly infected, and I can't get to the doctor to have it treated (as if I can afford it, anyway)

- I'm contributing $8000 to our "get an apartment together" fund, and my fiance (who lives with mommy) has put in about $600, and he thinks this is fair

- My fiance's family didn't even congratulate us on our recent engagement (didn't thank me for shipping them Xmas gifts all over the gd world, either)

- I might have to quit school when we move in July, because I'm going to need to work two jobs to pay our bills. That means I get to stay a CNA for good. That's really good for my back

So, anyway. How's everyone else doing?

- Victoria :w
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