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Talking I went to my very first reptile show today!!!

I went to my first reptile show today! I had so much fun! I just can't get over all of the different colors and shapes and sizes!! I was like a little kid at Christmas! "Little Nellie was nessled all snug in her bed, while lotsa reptiles danced in her head!" heehee
I went with my husband (who tells me all the time that he hates snakes) who made me promise I wouldn't ask to buy anything that was alive. On our way home he told me that he wanted to turn our 55 gallon hexagontal aquarium into an enclosure for (get this!) a sand boa And a chameleon And a bearded dragon AND some leopard geckos!!! He couldn't quite catch the concept about why he couldn't keep all of them together, but I will work on that with him. He even asked, "do you think that a sand boa and leopard geckos would get along?" (he really asked that!) hahaha
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