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MITE"SSSSSSSSSSS aughhhhhhhhh.

The best way to stop mite problems is to buy clean animals, how ever things happen sooooo.
Qaurentine all snakes in rubbermade or similar cage till your sure all is well.
Use glass , plastic and a lot of silicone in your cages seal everything(corners and edge's) give them no place to hide.
Bleach will kill them in a cage but be warned itll hurt your pets to so rinse well and air out. Theres a snake oil on the market im not sure of the brand name but it works wonders on all snakes.
Mineral oil works well to but it must be rinsed off itll smother ticks and mites in 10 min so leave it on for 15 then rinse very very very well.
If you do get a few in your set up throw out all wood,vines , plants and substrate .start fresh.
Im guessing this is what your looking for .
Hope it helps
Have a good one
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