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Passenger feeding milk to his pet snake on an airplane

What a maroon. Can snakes even drink milk??

Slippery traveller alarms air crew

A passenger was offloaded after he tried to feed milk to his pet snake on a flight in southern India.

Hajmi Chanda of Delhi had boarded the flight from the western tourist state of Goa with his pet animal in his hand baggage.

Scared passengers raised an alarm and called the crew when Chanda tried to feed milk to the snake.

Chanda told the crew that the redsand boa he bought from Goa for 1,000 rupees was non-poisonous.

Ignoring his protests, the crew offloaded the passenger along with the snake when the flight touched down next.

Chanda was taken into custody and would face court, an official said.

The snake was handed over to forest officials, he said.
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