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Thanks for the advice... I only buy CB, or, if I can't find CB, a LTC of 2 years at least, and garunteed healthy and parasite/disease free... There isn't a lot of concern with other animals, I have one cat, but she runs and hids when (not if, when ) a few of my pinhead crickets escape... She is terrafied of mealworms, too! but anyway, I still excersise EXTREME caution with her... he cant even go into the rooms that they are in if I'm not in there, at that time... I am really wondering about keeping herps in the bedroom, if that is unhealthy for me or herps at all (more than other places) since it is rarely trafficked, although it does have a commercial area induce twilight (if thats the word I am looking for) because of the damned stores they ripped down the houses behind us to put up... We really need another pawn shop here, we have 4 now within a 5 minute walk.
Yeah, anyways...
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