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Question Provent-a-Mite and mite questions

Hello everyone, well since I started a new job I wanted to add to my collection but the fear of mites is ever present.
Soooo..... I wanted to know how everyone deals with mites and ticks. I know ticks can be easily pulled off but sometimes they keep coming back relentlessly.

Where in Canada can I buy Provent-a-Mite? I hear it's the best stuff on the market.

Also, are there any recommended products to get rid of mites easily and effectively? Any recommended procedures one usually doesn't think of?

I last time I had mites was when I bought my python molurus bivittatus 2 years ago from a Sudbury petstore. I'd like to expand that record so I'm buying stuff ahead of time so i can be prepared.

Thanx Everyone!
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