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Turtle saved from Ninja Poacher

March 8th, 2003

Turtle saved from Ninja Poacher in Reptile Room;

Looking for shells, and turtle feet, Ninja Poachers have upped their attacks lately in the turtle sanctuary located in the west end of the Reptile Room. Luckily Steve Irwin was able to fend off the poacher who was trying to kill one of the worlds largest species of turtle, the elusive Giant Shelled Slider. As you can see this turtles shell is at least 8 feet long, and a big prize for the Ninja Poachers who sell it on the black market. Thank you Steve for protecting Mikey and all the inhabitants of the Reptile Room! Next week we will cover the dashing escape Steve made when a 15 foot Ball Python attacked.

<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">
<img src="">


P.S. This is what happens when roomates and I get REALLY bored. LOL
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