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Smile Things are looking up!

Had a chat with my boyfriend a little while ago and finally cleared some things up. You see, he's not a big fan of reptiles, he tolerates them because I love them but whenever I say something about them he used to always be negative. Either sigh and roll his eyes or say something stupid.

Since my collection has been growing and will continue to, I was getting at the end of my rope. I don't want to keep living with someone who's always going to be negative about something I love so much. I finally broke it to him too that there was not just one snake on the way soon but two!

Anyways, I told him that I had enough of his negativity, that I despised golf but never ragged on him about it, in fact I push him to go golfing as much as he can cause I know he loves it. That if he couldn't do the same for me, we weren't going anywhere.

He finally saw it from my point of view and apologized! He was really sincere too! I couldn't be happier, the tension is finally starting to lift here

So I'm a happy little camper now I just had to share/vent!

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