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Exclamation Need Help Please!

I have a CalKing, for about a year now, I recently changed her to a larger tank and new substrate (coconut husk), I've noticed that her behaviour has changed over the last few days (she's been in the new tank for a few months now). Anyway, she seems like she is sneezing, I have heard this a few times while I had her in my hands, and she is also kind of bobbing her head back and forth. She has also developed something on her belly as shown on the picture below, her tank is kept clean and dry, although she has access to a large water tub in her tank. If anyone has any idea what her troubles are, can you please help me out. Thanks in advance, also, it may be necessary to take her to the vet, so if anyone has any suggestions for a good herp vet, please leave their number if possible.


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