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I have already traded an animal once only and swore to myself never to do that again!
The animal was traded because of my personnal ignorance, I hadn't done enough research on it in order to appreciate its true nature (it was a veiled cameleon). I kept it for only 3 weeks. I felt realy bad about trading it, but I didn't want to keep and animal I didn't like and probably would have not cared for it as wll as all my other herps on the long run. I traded it in for my savannah monitor (yes, I know, it's a radical change!! loll!!)
The cham had to adapt to a new environment because of me, and everyone knows how much stress can affaect them.
Since then, I have always thought twice before buying any animal, being full concious that I want to keep them for the rest of their life. I get extremely attached to all my animals, so I can't even imagine myself trading or selling any of them!
But that's just me, I have nothing against people who trade and sell their herps, even for profit. Everyone has their own way of seeing and doing things.

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