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I keep them because I tink they are..

... hold on I think Linds already said that

*they are the underdog of the animal kingdom in my opinion. Too many people hate them and I think they need people to love them and protect them
*there are too many myths about these creatures and I keep them to dispell any myths (especially in the Indian and pakistani community which i am a part of)
*you can give unconditional love to a reptile. they are not going to love you back.. if they were big enough tey would probably eat you.

I think if we have the right frame of mind we can learn deeper lessons from keeping these animals. Showing love and caring for something that does not have any love for you (it may not even like your presence or it may just tolerate you). It can teach a person compassion and if we reflect on this it could teach us to treat each other better as human beings.

* oh yeah and... birds love a bloke with a large snake
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