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...I find myself having mixed feelings about it...

Generally, Buying an animal then turnng around and selling and trading don't bother me, being the animal don't care who it's owner is. Being they don't have love cued into there main frame..
They just want to survive and reproduce the best way possible..

However, what does bother me is the stress the animal has, being shipped (moved about in any way), the new owners possible of being a complete moron when it comes to caring for herps, the fact that they have to keep on readjusting to new habitats and what ever else causing stress or harm to the animal.

When it comes to trading or shipping with a person you have confidence with then it's no big deal really, seeing how this hobby seems to be about money or show anyways..
As long as the animal is well cared for during the time its kept.. no worries..


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