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Your opinion please...

K I have something on my mind thats seriously bothering me and I would like some other peoples opinions.

Do you think it is wrong for a person to buy a reptile and then trade it or sell it so they can have a different one?

Now my opinion: I dont think there is anything wrong with it especially since Im not doing it to make profit. I can't afford to have all the herps I want and IM not really into the breeding ( I do have some things I would like to try breeding) so basically it costs me money to feed all my pets so I cant afford to buy everything I want and therefore cant have experience with different herps. So if theres something I want I trade off something I have so that I can have that particular pet. To me theres nothing wrong with it especially since Im not doing it to try and make a quick buck and most people I trade with are friends or alot become friends after we trade. Thats just my opinion, lets hear yours...


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