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When your just feeling down.

You know when talking/writing is what you need. It's been one of those over the top weeks. Happy 30th birthday to me the 4th. The whole age thing does not mean crap, but after a month of "so do you feel old?" and having death and mortality down my back(Were all going to die sometime why worry). MY birthday at 2pm my sick female Yellowfoot tortoise, who we've been nursing/tube feeding for a month died. And then at 7pm my wife got home so told her, and sat down to watch some TV. When we saw are 6 year old ferret and he did not look right at all. I rushed him to the vet. and after some test they could not find anything wrong, other than a little dehydration. So arranged to come back the next day with him to see the specialist. He passed away shortly after I got him home.
This is my little rant/cry to clear my head. When it rains it's comes down in buckets.

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