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I don't want this to come across as being biased because I work there, but rather more of an insiders opinion. Kris' Reptiles is definitely one of the best stores I've been in. Doesn't even smell like a store, smells like flowers most of the time The animals are cared for, their needs are put first and foremost, if an animal needs veterinary care, that's what it gets. They are well fed, water bowls are kept clean and filled (several times daily for the ones that like to make us work , and cages are spot cleaned daily and fully cleaned as needed. Snakes are provided with feed and shed records. And if we don't feel you are capable of caring for the animal properly, or you don't have the necessary experience for the animal, we have no problem refusing a sale However if your already up Toronto ways, and PCPC is too far, you probably won't be making the trip down to this one It's located in St. Catharines on 209 Carlton.
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