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Top Kotch Exotic's sounds kinda kewl.....I am known on the web as Xetox, but I am just not sure I would want to name a busisness that, tho Xetoxified Exotics kinda sounds good.

I have to do some thinking about it..that is why I like to post it, get a group of people and start slaming out ideas and sooner or later u will put together a good one

and tHeGiNo do you have any pages u have worked on.....I am I network admin by trade and have donte some wed design for fun, I have alot off geeks as friends but I can always use more help...if u have something I could check out!

Here is a page me and freind spent like 2 days on if anyone wants to take a look but we just lost interest in it to fast.....the main page we run is but all it is is a forum with vb portal like this place but not as good. Its main job is for hacking a bbs game that alot of people run. Check it out if u like huge multiplayer, kick *** text games. And for any off you that may have played Marjor Mud before, the address for the bbs I run is telnet://morbidbbs.kicks-***.org its free so if u want check it out!

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