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Lightbulb Happy Anniversary to

Well everybody is very happy to see make it this far and the kudos just keep coming....but why don't we help Jeff out where he really needs it. As an Anniversary "PRESENT", why not send him a few bucks to help out in keeping this site running.

As a new herper I have found this site to be a wealth of knowledge and great people to boot. Jeff has a quality product that justifies this gesture. Don't ask for anything in return, other then the knowledge that Jeff is doing his best to make this work for ALL of us. Even if everyone tossed in 5.00, I am sure this would go a long way in helping him out in his expenses. Heck with the current membership that would equate out to 7500.00 (That's real money that Jeff would not have to put out of his pocket to keep us all happy.) As a former webmaster for a 4x4 club, I can fully appreciate the behind the scenes work that goes into creating and maintaining a decent site and THIS IS A MORE-THAN-DECENT Site.

Hey toss in more and maybe he can look into getting some shirts and hats made up...., of course don't forget his other services

Frankly I have never met Jeff before in my life and no this is not a setup..just a way to show appreciation for a job well done and the hopes of better things to come.

Hats off to you, Jeff...

My cheque for 20.00 will be in the mail by the end of the week ! who's next?

Best to all

Jim Wilkinson
Ottawa, ON
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