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Re: Dangerous pet products that should never be used for pets

Originally Posted by StudentoReptile View Post
Expanding on heat rocks....Its funny that the further we (the collective reptile industry) got from what these animals get in the wild, the more we screwed things up. Not only is a heat rock hazardous, its completely redundant! If you are trying to provide a basking spot for a lizard or snake, or even a small tortoise, just use a REAL flat rock placed directly underneath the basking lights. This more naturally replicates what the reptile is going to experience in the wild, the rock or slate will heat up just as much, but there's no cords running into the enclosure, no concerns about a real rock overheating or short-circuiting.

5.) Compact Fluorescent Bulbs for UVA/UVB (spiral-shaped, coil-shaped, etc.)
- These bulbs are basically an answer to hobbyists who wanted a UV bulb that would mount into an incandescent fixture. However, many reptile keepers (notably in the tortoise & bearded dragon communities) have claimed that these bulbs are too bright & intense, causing blindness in their animals. One thing to note is that these bulbs are designed to be mounted sideways in a horizontal fixture, NOT a standard dome fixture that points the bulb straight down. This could be a factor in some of the blindness cases, yet many keepers state that even when mounted correctly, the bulbs still cause blindness. Official studies on these bulbs are pending, but it is the general consensus of the herp community to avoid them. Stick to the traditional tube florescent bulbs or mercury vapor bulbs.
I use a Fluker's 5.0 UVB bulb for my Ball Python. It's spiral shaped, as you specified. Is this safe? The bulb in this picture isn't the same as mine. Just found it on Google to use as an example. The wattage is different
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