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I found the ring rather funny at some parts... great concept/movie just really bad acting and directing. If you liked it though check out the japanese version of the movie, theres The Ring, The Ring 2 (think thats what it is i have it at home i can check and post the name, also thers The Ring: Zero (prequil) if your interseted pm me ;P might be able to help ya out. They are sub-tittled.

A few other funny movies (was thinking about this heh)
- Lock Stock and two smoking barrels
- dased and confused (oldie but a goodie)
- Interstate 69 (comming to a theater this april) awsome movie pm me if it interests you - from the director of the back to the future seris
- snatch - (same director of lock stock and two smoking barrels, this was created affter lock stock very simular with totally different story lines, but same kind of directing/story line)

hrmm nothing else comes to mind *right* now
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