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Ahhh, the only reason Canada has not been invaded is because after the freezer was invented, we didn't need that much cold storage

As far as burning down the White House, we actually just wanted it remodelled and didn't feel like paying anyone to tear it down Come on, we have to throw you a bone every now and then.

Actually I have never been to America Jr.............. I mean Canada. But i want to know how so many of those maple leaf pennies make it all the way down to GA! I am going ot have to make a trip up north with slingshot and start pelting people over the border with them

I love my guns!
I love getting in arguments int he middle of the road!
I love having a 90 year old woman flip me off for cutting her off!
I love my guns!
I love the fact that the US has dangerous animals Rattlesnakes, Copeprheads, Cottonmouths, Coral Snakes, Alligators, Black Bears, Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Wolves, Sharks and Polititians.
I love that my eyeballs don't freeze when i walk outside.
I love my guns!
I love being able to buy ammo at a gas station!
I love hunting seasons for anything cute and fluffy!
I love the fact that we think we are the police of the world! Just that much more crap to blow up!
I love the fact that I can go see a doctor any time of the day or night and get an appointment with ANY of them within a week.
I love the fact that we have Deserts!
I love the fact that we have Swamps!
I love our mountains and fields!
I love the fact that Florida has more Alligators than people!
I love the pride I feel seeing the flag or a Bald Eagle!
I love the pride I feel thinking of my friends and family fighting for our country, whether they believe it is right or not, they are there!
I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.
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