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I've known Chris for about 19 years now, so obviously I want to see him succeed, if only so he'll shut up about his store already .

I've watched this shop go from an idea he'd throw around when we were on long drives to pick up some herp or other, to a reality in a very short time. He gets things done.

I know what he wants to do with Reptile Headquarters, I know what kind of knowledge he's bringing to the business, and I know that there hasn't been anything like it in this country.

It's not an overnight process; I've helped him scan plans and sent them off to carpenters and interior designers, this retail space is a work in progress and the best is yet to come, perhaps sooner than anyone thinks.

I don't expect you to take my word for it. These forums are great, but you can sing the praises of a store all you want, it doesn't prove anything.

So if you really want to see for yourself the kind of quality and care Chris is bringing to this industry, go see him at the store, ask him what's in the works, and then go back to watch it unfold. Anyone with a computer can dash off a message filled with biased, empty praise. I urge you to experience it for yourself, and then you'll really know.

After that new climate controlled room gets built, there are gonna be some incredible animals in there as he more than triples his present stock. Finally, I'm not gonna give away the secret 'cause I'll be shot, but he's got a project in the works that's gonna turn more than a few heads.
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