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Originally posted by Lisa
yup, you have it all, smog, a failing healthcare system, guns out of control, snipers on the highway, a government determined to go to war instead of taking care of problems within the country, a world that is out to get the usa

Yep and we LOVE it.......

I love THe Big C dont get me wrong, but truthfully if the US was not your nieghbors you would have been invaded long ago...why dont anyone ever f with ya....because they know the US would not allow it.....hell our militarys work together for god sakes. My flight commander in the AirForce was a canadian.

But all in all the US is the world power, and most likely alway will, people say o look out for china they are the people we should be worried about.. My view on that is, ever since russia crumbled we have no one to sorta go to war you all understand how much the cold war with russia made us money! Now that they are no longer even in the picture well we need someone else we need to create a nother world power, and guess what China would the the prime country!

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