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Sorry about the spelling - I am still half asleep! Maybe I should start construction at 3 am .. hmm I wonder if the neighbours would like it lol


After a shed, or even during the shed cycle, the snake looses its full outter epedermis layer right .. including the rattle on a rattle snake or the outter layer of the spurs on a large boid. I mean, venemous snakes even shed there fangs so I don't think shedding there spurs is that far fetched..

I dunno how else to explain it to you my young Jedi.

Let me try again..

Snakes loose their outter superficial cells in order to renew their skin.. In the shed process the intermediate epidermal zone is full of blood vessels and is seperated by the epidermal zone by a small layer of O2. During this process, the deeper layer keratanizes.. and the sloth comes off..

Now I imagine, this would be a simillar process for the spurs .. I see no reason is to why it would not be..

I hope I make sense!

Take care bro
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