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Reptile HQ *Pics*

Was visiting Chris, from Reptile HQ this week and snapped off a few pics of the new store.

You'll have to excuse the dim lighting pics, he was just closing up when i decided to snap a few and the UV lights were all turned off.

This is an outside pic of the temperature controlled room for all hatchlings and babies....

This is a shot of part of the inside while doing some last minute cleaning....

Again, lights were off, so kinda dark, but this is 1/2 of a wall which will be placed in a 50 foot temperature controlled room on the other side of the store. Ive been told thats its gonna be constructed of mostly glass from top to bottom, so it should be an interesting sight once finished.

And heres just a few of the animals i took a liking too while ive been visiting often this month.
First time i got to handle adults of this species and they were great!

I guess i should have taken the pics b/4 they were sprayed for the night, but u get the

and heres a frilled i also took a liking too, although he still wouldn't frill up for me, even with the funny faces i was making..
maybe they wern't so funny...heh.

And heres just one of many tanks, which is housing a baby emerald.

All in all i have been impressed with what his store has become.
Best of luck to you buddy!
And im there to help build that big room if ya need it.


PS, Get that website up soon!
Grant van Gameren
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