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I think PCPC is great. I know there have been complaints, but it hasn't been shut down!! And I think every store will have it's share of complaints from people! PCPC just gets a lot of publicity on the forums when someone has a problem. People are more likely to post when they have ONE negitive thing to say, rather than posting a positive experience they have every week (or however often you visit).

I think Nuno is on the right track here! For people who have never been to PCPC, it might seem like a not-so-good place to buy your herps. But in fact, its a great place. It is a very reputable and established store. Thank you to Nuno for giving PCPC a chance to restore its good rep.

I've always been very satisfied with the store. Grant is great, and his staff is great, too. They all work like dogs to make sure the customers are looked after.
(And there's a little cutie who works on weekends who is really nice!!)
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