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Snakes are beautiful, graceful, and fascinating, yes. But there's more to it than that.

Snakes are a piece of something wild and untouchable that this world is losing a little bit of every day. Snakes are killers and healers. They can be tamed but never domesticated. They are incredibly strong and equally delicate. They appeal to the primal spirit that cries at the sound of a wolf howl and yearns to just take off into the wild, never to be seen or heard from again.

I know I'm sounding a bit dramatic, but when I was holding my BP this morning, I remembered an article I read somewhere that said pythins are one of the oldest living creatures around today. There were pythongs crawling the earth long before there were people. I looked out my window into the parking lot behind my building as my little Idunna crawled around in my hair, and tried to picture a huge prehistoric Idunna curled up under the one lonely tree on the edge of my parking lot...and I felt so sad.

I guess, for me, keeping snakes is a way to hold on to the fast-disappearing wilderness, and to enjoy the far away jungles that I will probably never see. I love picturing Idunna and Freja, my BPs, slithering through steamy tropical tree roots, and Arden, my corn, burying himself in leaf little in southern forests.

It brings me such joy to have a little wildness in my home.

- Victoria:w
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