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Why do I keep reptiles?
That is a very simple question.

As everyone said they are graceful, unusual, gorgious and so on.
But also because they are misunderstood and I want to educate people on how special they really are. I want my daughter to grow up to respect and love them along with ever other species of animal as I do. I love them because they are easy to care for, they suit my lifestyle, and they are fun to watch and play with for the most part. And yes, the attention is also great! But being a shy person that was definately not the reason I got them to begin with. I was bringing stray animals and herps home from the time I could walk. I grossed my mother out many times with the things I brought home. But it was always fasinating and interesting to me.
I don't think I have a "normal pet" unless you call our bird ( a tiel) normal. We have the herps a bird and a ferret. No cats, no dogs. And we are content this way.
Every summer you can find me going for walks with my beardies or taking them to the local park and all along the way I am answering questions from the young and old. And the beardies seem to just love the attention, or maybe it's the fresh air. lol.
I've also gone to my daughter's class with a little show and to her brownie group. THe kids love it!
Herps are like pringles, you can't stop at just one.
'believe me I know!!'
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