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I do all my own basic medical procedures myself (deworming, some infections, etc). If it beyond my call, such as xrays, blood work, etc, then I seek out my vet. Unfortunately my vet is strictly by the books, which makes it difficult for me to attain any drugs without a visit, or even have them called in to vets down here I'm sure there are many other vets that would be easier to work with, however, the only vet I trust is the one that I am at. All the vets down near me are useless

Originally posted by chondro python
no it is verry hard to overdose with thows drugs
Fenbendazole (panacur) has a fairly large safety margin, however as forementioned by BWsmith, flagyl does not. Even vets have caused fatal overdoses using it. Extreme caution needs to be applied (as with any drug) when using it.
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