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..enough about about something more important....

Jenn's Peeve of the Week:

Pet stores selling Chameleons, Bearded Dragons, etc. without stressing the importance of UVB lighting.

If I have to hear about, or see, one more chameleon or beardie being housed without UVB I am gonna go postal. It is not one or two cases of MBD I have seen in the past three months BUT MANY, MANY CASES. I have run out of fingers to count on! I don't know who to be more angry at, the salesperson for not educating the buyer on the particular reptiles needs and seeing that it goes home with EVERYTHING it needs, or the customer for not researching before purchase. It takes two secs to look something up in a book or on the internet. I also see a small percentage of owners who neglect this important lighting requirement because they are CHEAP..."do I really need this...I mean $100 just so it can catch some rays, thats more than the friggen animal".....


:skull: Jenn, who is going to calm down...
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