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Just My Opinion!!!

ok I see alot of people saying that people shouldn't buy a Burmese Python or any snake that has a rather large growth potental if they can't house it as an adult and I TOTALY agree...but to be honest with you I think Geckos are starting to take over the large snakes spot on the podium.

I am always surfing the forums and looking in the classifieds and occasionaly you will see someone selling a large snake ,be it a burm ,retic ,etc.
But I can guarentee you will ALWAYS see Geckos for sale alot of times people will just give them don't get me wrong they are cute little buggers , but i just can't say I agree with so many people breeding so many of them , and some of the prices I see on these little gaffers is outragious......

Like I said this was just my opinion !!!!

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