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I am in agreement. Grant is a great guy that contributes alot to the scene. Both by running one of the founding sources of reptiles as well as putting on one of the best reptile expos in the country! I have done business with him in the past, and intend on it in the future as well I have received several animals from him in the past, some were in impeccable condition, and yes, some I did have to treat for tummy bugs, but what everyone must realize is that it is a store. These animals come in and out quickly, and come from many different sources often with similar situations only larger scales, their histories often unknown. It is virtually impossible to prevent parasites, illlness, etc from making their way in, especially with WC's. It is impossible for an establishment of that type to quarantine their animals, some of which will only be in the store for days before being sold, the best a storeowner can do is handpick their stock as carefully as they can based on appearance. The buyer must be aware of this and use their best judgement when selecting their animal. All precautions should be taken when purchasing from a pet store (as well as anywhere else). My 2cp
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