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If you or your friend have read anything about Savannah monitors, I hope that you would realize that virtually 100% of them are wild caught animals. It's to be expected that you will need to purge a Savannah upon purchase. I don't think it's fair that you over generalize on the animals at PCPC based upon your sole experience and your friend's ill thought purchase. That's just not fair to start a bunch of sh*t slinging like this AGAIN on the forums here because you ran into some poor luck. It's been done. Review prior posts in this forum.
I admit, I have bought a few wild caught animals at PCPC, and ran into problems with those. I found Grant to be a reasonable person in terms of helping me out with my problems, but I took it into account that I may expereince difficulties buying the animals I did. On the contrary, I have also purchased a number of animals over the years from Port Credit, and never experienced a day of stress from them. It's fair to say that if the animals are imports, they can be troublesome, and that should be anticipated. Otherwise, I have found Grant and his staff to deliver quality, and has always greeted my friends and I with a smile and is ever willing to answer my questions.
Face reality, animals get sick, they aren't bullet proof, and if we love them as much as we do, that "fortune" should be worth it.
Happy herping, wherever you choose to do it.
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