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Found these:

1-America has Terrorist Attacks-we have hockey riots.

2-We have alot better musical bands than them - Rush, Neil Young, Our Lady Peace, Santers, The Tragicallly Hip, The Guess Who, BTO, Nickleback, Sloan, Bryan Adams, just to name a few... What do they have? Nsync??

3-When's the last time terrorists threatened Canada?

4-Half of Canada is practically unpopulated-We can blow up stuff there!

5-We have Polar Bears, which are known to acually track down and kill humans...wait...that's a bad thing....

6-Our prisons are like 5-star hotels! Breaking the law is fun!

7-Americans are fat lazy slobs...or at least that's what I've learned from American TV... I guess they are proud of it

8-Haha! America's stuck with Pauly Shore!

9-We still have our CN tower!.

10-Canadians are physically more attractive than Americans (tis true! in America, Obesity reigns!)...

11-We don't have Texas or Alabama... need I say more?

12-Give George W. a pretzel and he chokes till he passes out. Give Jean Cretien a nosey photographer, and he chokes him till he passes out.


14-We came up with Hockey, Baseball, Football and Basketball, four of the most played sports in the world. Not to mention Lacrosse!

15-What else did we come up with? Ice brewed beer (have I mentionned that before?) and back bacon!

16- Gun-toting slack jawed hick vs hockey player... take your pick



19-"eh" sounds a lot better than "huh", eh?

20-Um...for what its worth we um...burned down the white house.... Twice. At least, according to the history minors I've talked to!

21-Say "Wayne Gretzky," then sit back with a smile.

22-Our cities don't shut down cause of a bit of wimpy frost. Heck, we build highways out of ice in the winter.

23-Football was invented in McGill university in Montreal. First official game, McGill vs Harvard. Guess who won.

24-Superman, blindly stolen by the U.S. for their own propaganda purposes.

25-Quick, name a country that's dropped atomic bombs on real, live people! Hint: It rhymes with Bunited Strates of Bamerica.

26-We kicked your @$$ in the 100m. Ohh baby, it hurts to be this good, eh!

27-Let's put it this way: 3 Coors = 1 Canadian beer.

28-No one here likes 90210. There will never be a show named M5W 1L6

29-You tried to invade us once. Once.

30-Jim Carrey, Dave Thomas, Shania Twain, Eugene Levy, Natasha Henstridge, John Candy (used to have him), Dan Akroyd, Rich Little, Martin Short, Bryan Adams, Yasmeen, Linda Evangelista, Percy Faith? (not Sledge), The Kids in the Hall, Leslie Nielsen, "Life is a Highway" Celine Dion, Pamela Lee Anderson, Sarah McLachlan, Moist, Our Lady Peace, Chantel Kreviasuk, Alanis, Alanis, Philosopher Kings... Let's face it, if you dig music, babes or laughing, we're your country. (wow)

31-Canadian flag? We don't have to change it every time we add a province (or lose one, thank goodness)!

32-World Series. Twice. Naanee naanee boo boo!

33-The telephone, maybe you've heard of it? We invented that!

34-I've never had to go through a metal detector at school.

LOL! After reading all that, I think what we are proudest of is beer, hockey, lack of terrorism, and burning down the whitehouse!


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