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The moneymaker

heres my moneymaker. This is the beast i release out on the street. I used to turn about $150 a night street racing, but i was asked to stop by my girlfriend and her mom *whipping noise*'s a basic 2.5 Ranger, with manual tranny, K&N air filter, straight flow glasspac exhaust exiting a 3.5 chrome tip. lowered 3 inches in the front and 5 in the back, , 17 x 8 in 1997 mustang cobra rims, 245/45/17ZR Goodyear Eagle GS-C tires, I gutted the air box put a whole in there so air could rush in quicker, i took out the air silencer. It can hold it's own against civics, accords, and eclipses... but i get my but handed to me with spec v, WRX, and RSX' ... a friend of mine and i are planning on throwing a 5.0 v8 in there with a tremec t56 manual tranny. I would LOVE to see any import beat me then ... even a stock supra.... (non turbo of course )

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