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Thumbs down To anyone with young kids in the family!

I was at a grocery store today and while walking through the aisles over the speaker system someone said, "Could the parents of Brianna please come to checkout 10, your daughter can't seem to locate you". I thought nothing of this, but at the same time frowned that someone would let their young child out of their sight.. Anyway, i continued on and finished up with everything and got to the checkout (number 9) and the little girl was still sitting at number 10 with the cashier (this was now 10 minutes later).. As i walked up and started unloading the cart, the little girls mother came up and said, "Brianna" and the cashier asked the girl if this was in fact her mother, and the little girl said yes and ran to her mother crying. The mother looked at her daughter and said, "i thought you were still in the cart". I bit my tongue and decided it was in my best interest to say nothing (for anyone that knows me, you know that took a lot of will power).. Anyway, as the lady walked of with her daughter who was now 'safely' back in the sight of her mother, the cashier begins to tell a small group of his sitting there that only 5 minutes earlier a man approached checkout 10 and said, "Thats my daughter". The Cashier in turned asked the little girl if this was infact her father and the girl with tears and fright in her eyes said, "no, that's not my daddy" as the cashier turned to look at the man, he made a quick dash for the front doors and took off into the parking lot. Now this is very frightening to myself having 2 very young nephews who i care about more then anything in this world. After hearing her tell us this, all i kept thinking and even now i still find myself thinking is, why didnt she yell 'stop that man' or call for security? She obviously saw this guy and she could atleast give enough of a description to atleast put a warning out there. For all we know, this guy could have gone down the street to the next store and tried and possibly succeded..
Sorry for the long rant, but i just wanted to warn everyone that this is happening out there and it was very close to my home today and many of our site members..
This took place in Brampton, Ontario.. Please everyone, keep a close eye on your children when you're out in busy places, i would hate for anyone to have to experience something like this that can so easily be prevented.. Take Care..

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