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Talking OT: mmm gardener!

WARNING! this piccy shows a guy in his underwear! if your young and have virgin eyes please avert them! i dont want to have to deal with your parents! but he IS in his its not BAD.....but it is kinda....gross!
youre gonna look anyway arent you? ah oh well!
this is to show that my mom is a sick perverted wierdo!
we have this joke that my sister has a crush on this guy! alan titchmarsh! hes a gardening presenter in the u.k. (if you didnt know!) my mom thought it would be a great idea to transplant his head onto a slightly more musuclar body!
using my photoshopping skills and my moms perverted mind we created............this

i apologise if its a lil kinky!! ill delete it! ill burn the copy i swear!
oh yes! i may be wierd... but this wierdo comes with new, improved Live Journal action!
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