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The show you are referring to (at least that segment) is Whit Gibbins at the SREL. That guy has Mojo! Snakes flat out will not bite him. He actually said the Cottonmouth was one of the most docile venomous snakes in the US. I tend to disagree. But not only that program, but when we see on TV people casually handling venomous snakes it implies that it is easy to do. The herp community has omre enimies than there are stars and they are in every direction. I think hte most damaging thing is when someone who thinks they are helping the herp cause hurts it. Everything gets a twist. If it suits their purpose, the media can make any of look anyway they want. If you say something that can be construed as damaaging to our hobby, you are a "preffessional" if you try to make valid points and argue them, you are an "amateur" snake keeper. Who knows what to do. The best thing we can do is police ourselves and remember that everything we do refelcts on everyone.
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