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Renee.....not much for words but I wrote this for you and Erik.

My love for you has flourished
From the moment you were conceived;
You have grown from a tiny seed,
Planted in my womb.
And now, you are a small flower,
That blooms inside of me;
Your roots imbedded in my heart!
You are a part of me;
We feel, we laugh, we cry.
Sometimes when all is silent and serene,
I can feel the murmur of your tiny heart;
We are ONE.
But what kind of life would we lead together?
What could I offer you besides my love?
I'm so young, my future holds so much;
You are so new and so innocent.
What have you done to deserve this?
Please don't resent me.
I love You!
Though painful and unfair,
I have made my decision.
This is what I must do;
We can not go on.
I sense your cry; the pain you feel;
And a single tear rolls down my cheek.
Will it ever dry?
My little flower! your roots are embedded in me;
They will never let go.
When they remove you baby,
They will pull my heart out too!
This is written for Renee and Erik. No copying is allowed without THEIR concent.
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