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Thank you to everyone for their kind words and thoughts.
I just need to clear up something.. since I'm thinking a little bit straighter this morning.
We found out that Cassy is allergic to rodents, birds, cats, well just about everything [except dog fur oddly]. So we cannot have them in the house [no I can't feed f/t, even though all the snakes eat f/t, because my mom refuses to go into the freezer if their are dead rodents in it and she babysits the kids so she needs to go into the freezer]

As well to be quite honest and blunt, we can't afford them any longer as a funeral is not cheap, and is more important than some animals.

Again thank you for the words and prayers. We will be back on a more perm basis someday.. just not that soon.. maybe in a few weeks.. I am kinda addicted and we will still have Will's lil dwarf frog so I'll have SOMETHING to talk about (was told to try and stay positive and not dweal on what's happening)
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