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My opinion

I say no. Don't house together. Many many people do house together with no problems but some DO have problems. And my thoughts are if you have one situation where no problems will arise (housing apart) and another situation where there is a possiblity of problems(housing together),,,,which situation do you think is best?

Some thoughts that are true, regardless of what people think is right in this issue:

1. Feeding must be done apart. But just two days ago I happened to read a story about someone who fed their snake and the smell when placed back in the cage with its cagemate was apparently not gone and I believe one attacked the other. This is rare though.

2. Transmission of sickness. Yes it will most likely be healthy BUT if it gets sick with something that can be passed, it WILL be passed and you are out two snakes if its fatal, and either way fatal or no, you now have two vet bills instead of one.

3. Earyl breeding. Not sure if this is a problem for Ball Pythons but a concern with almost all other species. It can lead to a serious vet trip, or even be fatal.

4. If one snake regurgs, or has suspicious crap you won't know who is having the problem.

5. Stress. Snakes are solitary creatures. They do NOT make friends, and most are happier alone. They can live together and get along fine but again this situation invites stress related problems which in turn can become feeding and health problems.

These are just the issues I can come up with off teh top of my head. Its my humble opinion that I would buy a rubbermaid for 5 bucks and save myself the possiblity of create problems.

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