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I think that many are missing the severe implications that this may have for the hobby, particularly the hot keepers. There has been enoughbad press about "buying poisonous snakes of the web". Not to mention the fact that now snakes are being drilled into uneducated minds as "lethal weapons". It puts bad press on us all. So far I have seen (here and on other forums) jokes about it (that is fine in aherp forum), arguments against the police for killing the snake, and arguments why they had to kill it. i have seen nothing about the press this is giving us as a community. I am still hearing about the Burm killing that kid. How long do you think this is going to last? I would not be the leas bit suprised to see tighter regulations on shipping herps because of this just to make the public "feel safer". The HSUS is chewing at the bit to BAN ALL HERPS in the US. And this just gives them more ammunition. They already twist Salmonilla stats to fit their agenda. They take any case of it and if there is a herp in the house or they visited a pet shop, it is fromt he herp. how are they going to turn this against us? Let's face it, snakes are probably the most misunderstood and persecuted animals in the world. And now people are using thema s weapons and indimidation tactics. This is not good for us. But I will step off my soapbox as i have no solution, just bringing some points to ponder.

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