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I find it is like a nurse and a doctor the 2 work with the same patients but on diffrent levels.A herpetologists has not just a degree but it is a doctor degree. Like a person that works in a old folks home they see all the same thing a doctor may see but can't do all the things doctors do (give injections and so on) if they were not given a paper buy the government saying they can do this.

Us herpecultralist do this thing at our own risks no haserd pay forget haserd pay no pay at all. herpetologists are doctors at this hobby and get payed to do the thing we do doesn't mean we are les knowlegable just that the government may or may not chose to recognise us and if we get hurt it is our own fault but if a herpetologists gets hurt the government takes care of him/her
cause he/she was hurt at work.

Just my littel definetion

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