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You know what I hate? When you're saving a can of Dr. Pepper and you tell EVERYONE in the house that it's your's. You put your name on it and everything. Then you get home from school and it's not there !!! You ask who drank it and no one confesses! I hate that! It's not only just coke, it can be other things, too. That's why I hide my stuff from now on.
And another... When people come over to visit, they use your bathroom (my cousin for example) and they use your shampoo!! Oh I hate that... omg, it gets on my nerves! My cousin was using my perfume (she freakin had her own , but she told me mine smells like roses ), my Velocity, my shampoo AND conditioner, my soap *shivers*... I threw it out after that, lol. So I hid all my personal stuff. Just glad she didn't use my deoderant! grrrr
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