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Tetris 2 (SNES)

Is there really someone who can claim to have finished level 100 of the Puzzle section? I've been working on that one off and on since the summer of '95. Took me all of about 2 months or so to finish the first 99, but I can't for the life of me beat that one.

It's about time I cheat. If anyone's done that level, please please pllllleeeeeaaase give me a hint? It's too tricky to explain piece by piece, but if you could just let me know where to put the first piece or two (right, left, top, bottom, middle etc.), I'll at least have a chance to finish before I go batty. I usually start on the bottom right, and after all these years, I figure I've tried every arrangement there is, so it can't be the right place?

Just a hint, I'll be ever so grateful.

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