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How Scuba Steve got his name

Chech this out:

My vet's assitant got my vet a baby amel cornsnake for a special occasion (not sure what). They set up a cute little home for it in a 10 gallon tank with rocks and a water dish and hide spot. Well, 2 days later they couldn't find the snake ANYWHERE ! It was crazy! How could this little guy escape such a tall cage (for his size) ? They thought the snake was totally gone. They said "well, it's gone, we'll never find it" because it's so small. But check this out... they found it in the washing machine :bugged: !! Isn't that incredible?? How could this tiny little serpent survive such an aggressive cycle of clothes submurged in soapy water? That is one tough little snake, you gotta admit. So, they named him Scuba Steve after his little swimming adventure .

I thought it was cute
Who are you callin' a freak?!

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