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Almost forgot..
on the polysporin, neosporin or other type of antimicrobial creams, be sure to use the plain, non pain relief type.

Enrofloxacin is Baytril, just the generic name
Good point. You get used to calling something one thing for years and when you see it called by another name, sometimes it doesn't immediately hit you....

She does need to stay hydrated as well, but with no soaking, unless in the topical mix suggested, then she needs to be given fluids orally (straight pedialyte) if not drinking on her own.

If still giving meds orally now, give the oral hydration a few hours after giving meds to have time for the absorption of the meds.(You said daily orals)
If not on meds now, then anytime is good for oral fluids.

Burns 101 -
Typically most burns are actually very clean injuries with most bacterias etc killed in the process of receiving the burn. The treatment within the first hours(on a human) are critical to the outcome.
In reptiles the treatment is even more critical as sometimes the burn is not quite as evident, animal is allowed to remain in the cage crawling on used substrate that may carry harmful pathogens which can lead to a major innfection if not treated in time.
Another thing that burn victims have in their disfavor is the dehydration due to fluid loss at the burn site. Humans on one hand are larger than most reptiles kept, and can be placed into a medically induced coma while being treated, receiving meds, saline etc and our systems can handle more due to our much faster metabolism.
Reptile burn victims are typically smaller, have even less fluids to lose and can't be placed into a comatose state for treatment as it would kill them.
Dehydration is a big killer in burn victims either just plain dehydrated to death or over a period of time as the internal organs lose functions from the loss of fluids.
The fluid loss, althougth not always apparent, is due to the loss of the skin and or the loss of the skins ability to heal itself for a short time, allowing fluids to seep from the affected areas.

Hydration is an important factor for this and for survival.
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