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Scale Rot pics

Okay here are some pictures of the scale rot My BP has gotten. These pictures were taken a few days ago and she had just been to the vet a week ago and received an injection of antibiotics and I was giving her Enrofloxcin .2 mls orally for ten days. I'd also and still am applying polysporin 2x daily to the infected area.

Its not getting any better and I know this post belongs in the Python form I just thought more ppl would respond here. Iím really not sure what to do I called the vet and he told me to wait a few days, but the infected scales as you can see in the pictures are pulling off and the scales under the infected area are raw and some times bleed. It looks very painful...

If anyone can tell me anything I would very my appreciate it. Because my vet knows nothing (he wrote on her chart that her scale rot was on her back which it is not!) My funds are running low (he charged me 60.00 to see him, 48.00 for the injection and 26.00 for the Enrofloxcin and thatís pretty much cleaned out my snake fund so Iím not sure what to do.)

Iíve never dealt with this before so if everyone feels I should take her to another vet (money or no money) I will. But I need to know if Iím overreacting (Tend to do that often) But I don't see how I can be now I mean it looks pretty bad.

Any advise would be great!
Thanks a lot

ps: make sure you trust the person completely before leaving your animals with them. I learned from my foolish mistake and it will never happen again.

<P><C>This is the most infected area as close up as we could to get a clear picture the brownish part thats peeling up is what I'm worried about.
<img src=></P></C>

<P><C>this is the hole infected area give or take a few inches.
<img src=></P></C>
<P><C>This is the close up on the raw area where the infected scales are pulling off you can sorta see the redish bleeding area that looks like a large scratch
<img src=></P></C>
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