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**Please Note I will Edit This When I Remember What I Have Forgot**

Again I really have to stress I DO NOT SUPPORT WAR, I just do not see another means of compromise.

For another few facts, Saddam proposed to have a one on one interview with US. A whole bunch of crap, and stalling is all I see it. During an interview, Saddam stated:

"Iraq is allowed to prepare proper missiles and we are committed to that."

Keep that in mind. They then asked whether the Al-Samoud 2 missiles are "proper," Saddam was quoted as saying: "We do not have missiles that go beyond the prescribed range."

The order was issued after international experts determined the missile flew farther than the 150-km limit set by the UN in 1991. Iraq maintains some of the missiles overshot the limit because they were tested without warheads and guidance systems.

As you may or may not know, Iraq has until the end of the week to begin destroying the missiles. If it fails to do so, that could give impetus to a draft UN resolution submitted by the U.S., Britain and Spain. This would pave the way for war.

Also. Iraq had suggested it was trying to persuade the UN to allow it to keep the missiles after technical modifications worked out in talks with UN experts. A member of the UN, Fleischer, had made a VERY strong point: "If Saddam Hussein destroys the missiles that he said he never had ... you've got to wonder what other weapons does he have?"

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